I've been in logistics since I was a little girl.  The eldest of 4, with a widowed mother, I had to arrange, coordinate, fix, source, and consult with others about many things for many people. 

I was my mother's personal interpreter, household shopper. and private banker.  Later, I went to high school and graduated from baccalaureate studies as a bi-lingual secretary, specialized in English shorthand and Spanish stenography.  I can still take steno notes!  Later, I worked at the Panama Canal Commission (now, the Canal Authority of the Republic of Panama) in many areas: first in the Maintenance Division, Logistical Support Division, and in my last tenure of 17 years at the Canal, I worked at the office of General Counsel, in procurement.  Within the organization, I did temporary stints in the Contracts Division and Language Services.  In fact, I just didn't know it, I had been training to provide logistical support all my life.

I later studied law.  In these past 15 years, I have specialized in company management.  Every single company managed requires logistics services.  From establishment, to contract writing, to placing orders, tracking and shipping them,  issuing invoices and making sure they get paid.  Logistics, logistics, logistics.  Logistics are everything and anything that a company or individual may need that is not part of their day to day administration.

I decided to band with a few other Generation X professionals like me who still prefer quality work.  We're the ones who have insurance brokers and travel agents in an era when most buy plane tickets directly online.  We have physical dictionaries on our desktops and still prefer face to face meetings in the flesh.   

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the benefits of online banking, scanned documents, and Skype.  In fact, ITL is supported by a very secure IT network.  But, in a world that demands more and more accountability, ITL is here for you.  Let us take care of it, after all, we know exactly how to do it.  We've been training all our lives.

Now as experts, we are at Integrated Trading & Logistics, serving you in Asia, Europe and beyond.

About our Founder
Lourdes Haywood Bogaerts
Procurement Specialist
"I have been in logistics since I was a little girl."